Informal Meetings




      Low floor space:

- DUO - Approx. 2,04 m2

- QUATRO - Approx. 2,65 m2

- SIXO - Approx. 3,26 m2


      Quick assembly and disassembly

      Plug & play


      Completely soundproof (for closed models)


      Real space for informal meetings or conviviality

      Multiple connectors according to chosen options (220V, USB, RJ45…)

Exterior Dimensions : 

Duo : P1030 x L2040 x H2080 mm
Quatro : P1330 x L2040 x H2080 mm
Sixo : P1630 x L2040 x H2080 mm

Weight : 250 kg / 380 kg / 450 kg

Add on: HUDL

Touch and Connected Table

Save time and improve performance with the intelligence of the HUDL!

Leave with an automatic report

Save your work and assign tasks

"Launch" your ideas, comments and actions

"Display" your digital documents on the table

HUDL Touch and Connected Table
Green Quatro
Black Quatro
Green wall Quatro
MCB Meeting Pod.jpg

Informal Meetings


Exterior Dimensions :

W2130mm x L1970 mm x H1500 mm

      Low floor space: 4 m2

      Plug & play


      Isolate yourself in an original space for informal meetings or moments of conviviality


      Space separator in an open space


      Provide employees with meeting or workspace close to their workstations


      Multiple connectors according to the chosen options (220V, USB, RJ45 ...)

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