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True bubble of well-being!

The Dream Box offers employees a recovery space to recharge their batteries thanks to its revolutionary concept.

OVH Dreambox
Dream Box
Immerse yourself in a bright and sonorous atmosphere ...

Exterior Dimensions :

P1000 x L1305 x H2080 mm

Weight : 135 kg 

  • Recovery cocoon allowing the collaborators to revitalize themselves and gain back energy for a better performance and welfare at work.

  • Built-in application for choosing a light and sound as per the desired atmosphere.

  • Via the integrated application, let yourself be immersed in a luminous audio atmosphere during a program of about 15 minutes!

  • Power-napping: Nap of not more than 15 minutes, to avoid a deep sleep phase where one feels dizzy, disoriented and even more sleepy than he was before starting his nap

Benefits of power-napping

What is power-napping?

It is a nap of a fairly short duration to not enter a phase of deep sleep, designed to quickly revitalize.


The term power-nap was coined by the American James Maas, a social psychologist professor at Cornell University.


This short nap therefore holds its place in the professional environment where time is running out!

3D Dreambox Exterior

Power-napping specificity

Power-napping maximizes the benefits of sleep.


Power-nap is therefore used to supplement normal sleep, especially when a sleeper has accumulated a sleep deficit.


The ideal duration of a power-nap is 15 to 20 minutes. This time allows enough time to get into a light sleep and stay there for at least 2 minutes.


This duration makes you feel good all afternoon.


According to Professor Levy, head of the sleep laboratory at the University Hospital of Grenoble and President of the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, the nap has effects of regeneration of brain activity, dispels fatigue and gives energy.

Professor David F. Dinges has valued for NASA the effectiveness of naps in terms of memory, alertness, response times and other cognitive skills.

According to Fabien Sauvet, a sleep specialist at the Biomedicale des Armées research institute, naps are the best tools for maintaining men's performance and operational capacity.


people have sleep problems that cause at least a nuisance in the professional setting


INSV Survey



people feel more rested and relaxed after a nap


INSV Survey


Dreambox 3D tablet
Dreambox 3D interior
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